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Sure shot:

Got your goose.




Whether you install Windows on a Boot Camp partition, or a virtual machine, or know your way around WINE, you CAN get FL Studio to work reasonably well on a Mac. Results may vary. Don’t believe it? Here’s proof.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.01.42 PM

Need a little more proof? Here’s my recent Instagram post.

Have fun!!

Sure Shots: Explained

For me, photography is a combination of passion, imagination and technology. Inspiration comes when it will. However, we don’t always walk around carrying a DSLR. (SOME of us, anyway.) So you capture the moment with the camera you always keep with you, your smartphone. The cameras and software on these devices keep getting better and closer to an actual DSLR, making your phone a pretty formidable point-and-shoot camera. The “Sure shot” posts by me are usually shot with my Nikon D3200, or my trusty iPhone 6S Plus. And now, for another “Sure shot.”


by: toneofark